Fan Brush Painting Bright Color | Set of 6 Piece

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Unleash your creativity with our versatile 6-piece brush set, perfect for watercolor, oil, acrylic, and face painting, and high-quality, durable bristles for artists at all levels.

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Fan Brush Painting Bright Color | 6-Piece

Discover the artist within you with our premium 6-piece brush set, an essential toolkit for painters and creative minds. Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned professional, this set is designed to meet all your painting needs.

Crafted with the finest pig bristles, each brush in this set is a testament to durability and performance. The bristles are securely fastened with high-quality aluminum crimped ferrules, ensuring they stay intact without loosening or falling out, even after repeated use. This level of craftsmanship guarantees that your brush set is built to last, giving you a reliable stroke every time.

The set includes a variety of sizes: 2#, 4#, 6#, 8#, 10#, and 12#, allowing you to switch between fine details and broad strokes effortlessly. These brushes are unmatched in their versatility – they are ideally suited for a wide range of mediums, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, and even face painting. This makes them a perfect choice for any project, from canvas artwork to body art.

Each brush features a long, solid wooden handle meticulously designed for comfort and control. The handle is coated in a special painting color, adding a touch of elegance and providing a steady grip for precise application. At approximately 12.6 inches, it gives you ample reach across your canvas without sacrificing accuracy.

As shown in the picture, the brushes’ color may vary slightly due to lighting effects and angles, adding a unique character to each set. Please also understand that due to manual measurement, there is a slight tolerance in the size of the brushes.

Included in this package is a set of 6 bristle fan brushes, each one waiting to bring your artistic vision to life. Embrace the full spectrum of painting possibilities with this exquisite brush set, where quality meets creativity.

Whether you’re working on your next masterpiece or just exploring the world of painting, these brushes.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Fan Brush Painting Bright Color
  • Material: Pig Bristles with Wooden Handles
  • Handle Color: As shown in the picture (may vary)
  • Brush Sizes Included: 2#, 4#, 6#, 8#, 10#, 12#
  • Ferrule Material: High-Quality Aluminum
  • Ferrule Attachment: Crimped to secure bristles firmly
  • Handle Length: Approximately 12.6 inches
  • Bristle Type: Fan-shaped for versatile strokes
  • Suitability: Ideal for Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, and Face Painting
  • Durability: Designed for longevity and to resist shedding
  • Handle Design: Long and solid for better control and persistent foaming
  • Set Quantity: 6 Fan Brush Painting
  • Package Includes: 1 Set of 6 Fan Brush Painting
  • Gift Ideal: Suitable for kids, friends, beginners, artists, or anyone who enjoys painting


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