Long Canvas Linen Blend | Various Size

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Experience the superior quality of our Long Canvas Linen Blend, available in 11.02/18.90 inches (28/48cm) widths, ideal for oil and acrylic painting.

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Long Canvas Linen Blend | Various Size

Artists seeking a premium surface for their oil and acrylic masterpieces will find our Long Canvas Linen Blend the perfect foundation. Available in various sizes, this high-quality canvas roll caters to the ambitious scope of professional artists and the creative experiments of enthusiastic beginners.

Crafted with a meticulous blend of linen, our canvas offers a unique texture that adds depth and character to every brushstroke. The surface is primed with care, ensuring that each canvas is ready to capture the vivid hues and subtle shades of your preferred painting medium. Whether it’s the rich vibrancy of oils or the versatile dynamics of acrylics, our linen blend canvas holds paint exceptionally well, giving life to your artwork with every application.

The canvas has two convenient widths, 11.02 inches (28 cm) and 18.90 inches (48 cm), providing flexibility for various artistic endeavors. Sold by the meter, each roll is one meter in length, allowing artists to cut and customize the canvas to fit their project requirements. This feature is handy for creating custom-sized pieces for galleries, home décor, or personal collections.

When you choose our Long Canvas Linen Blend, you’re investing in a product that seamlessly combines tradition with modern requirements. The natural feel of linen and contemporary priming techniques create a canvas that’s both a pleasure to paint on and a delight to behold.

Product Specifications:

  • Product name: Long canvas linen blend
  • Material: High-quality linen blend
  • Purpose: Oil and acrylic painting
  • Surface: Primed and ready to paint
  • Available widths:
    • 11.02 inches (28 cm)
    • 18.90 inches (48 cm)
  • Roll length: 3.28 feet (1 meter) per roll
  • Color: Natural linen color
  • Texture: Fine to medium grain, ideal for detailed work and broad strokes
  • Quality: Professional quality, durable and less prone to deformation
  • Packaging: Rolled for safe shipping and easy storage
  • Quantity: 1 roll per 3.28 feet (1 meter)


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